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Recent developments in technology make it possible to better resolve a patient’s unique vision problems. With the Wavefront Digital Refraction system we offer at Lotus Vision, your vision will be custom-corrected. Rather than the traditional vision correction system (in use for over a century) in which a patient looks through a series of lenses in a tedious process of choosing one lens over another, we offer this groundbreaking testing method.

While the traditional vision correction method was effective to a degree, it was also very subjective, and required a long appointment. The Wavefront Digital Refraction system is far superior in evaluating vision problems, faster, and uses advanced digital technology to identify unique eye structure issues.

How Wavefront Digital Refraction Works

Rather than the process of looking through various lenses and slowly choosing one over another (which can be difficult), the Wavefront system sends uniform waves of light into your eye, reflecting off your retina, revealing the unique imperfections in your eye structure to create a digital “fingerprint” of your eye.

Eye Mapping with Wavefront Technology

A map of your eye is produced, called a WavePrint Map. This mapping system is used in LASIK surgery, and is now available to create high definition eyeglass or contact lenses, customized to correct your unique eye structure anomalies. This technological advance can produce an astounding level of visual clarity.

You Are Invited to Experience Modern Eye Technology at its Best.

We invite you to visit with us at Lotus Vision and discover what advanced technology can do for your vision. Imagine driving at night without concern about glare or clear vision or seeing everything within your range of vision with extreme clarity. It is a quality of life issue – and we want you to have the best.

Wavefront Digital Refraction, Lotus Vision
Wavefront Digital Refraction, Lotus Vision
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